about us

Our founder & president


Chris Kizziar


 "Through collaborative partnerships and expanded outreach programs, we are fighting hunger by bringing food and services to our local communities - This is our mission."  

Life message staff


Darla King

Chris Bunkoff

Donna Vargas

Vice President



Donna Vargas

Chris Bunkoff

Donna Vargas

Manager of Food Pantry Services



Chris Bunkoff

Chris Bunkoff

Chris Bunkoff

Director of Program Development at VROC



Melinda Stanley

Melinda Stanley

Melinda Stanley

Grant Writer & Fundraiser



Kara Spotswood

Melinda Stanley

Melinda Stanley

Volunteer Coordinator 



Max Skinner

Melinda Stanley

Max Skinner

Delivery & Transportation



About Life message

A Little History ~ How we got started

2009 - Life Message received its 501(c)(3) certification and began to make plans for a direction.  

2011 - Officially opened the Life Message Food Pantry & Clothing Center in Garland, TX. We started our mission serving approximately 30 families in 1 month.

2012 - We moved the Food Pantry & Clothing Center in February 2012 from Garland  to its current location in Rowlett, TX. The numbers grew from 30 families in one month to an average of 700 families in one week.

2012 - In November, we officially opened The Thrift Store in Rowlett, TX.  Proceeds from the store help Life Message to support the food pantry and offer programs to our clients.

2013 - Opened the furniture/homegoods side of the Thrift Store

2014 - Moved into our administrative offices.   The pantry was remodeled in December to accommodate more food with better efficiency.  

​2016 - In December of 2016, we officially opened the Life Message Event Center. The Event Center is available for rent to the general public as well.

2017 - We were blessed to acquire additional space and expand our Thrift Store. 

2019 - We officially opened the Veterans Resource & Outreach Center (VROC). VROC is located at 

4201 Industrial St., Bldg 100, Rowlett, TX 75088. Proudly offering assistance and programs to our veterans & first responders.